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Reading with  Preschoolers

We all know that reading with our children is a good thing. There is no disputing that fact. But did you know that there are many specific benefits your preschooler will gain simply by being read to? As you read to your preschooler this year take comfort in knowing that each moment spent reading each book is strengthening your preschoolers mind in many ways.

The most obvious benefit of reading aloud to preschoolers is an academic one. Children who are read to develop a love of learning and often grasp reading concepts at a younger age than those who are not. They become familiar with the format of books, the printed text, and more complex vocabulary, which will be beneficial as they begin to piece together their first sounds and words. Research has shown that children that are early readers are more successful in school than later readers.

Among other things reading aloud to preschoolers can help in their language development, speech skills, and communication skills. Oftentimes a book can present a complex theme to children in a way they can understand it. As we discuss these concepts with our children they will be able to understand the world around them, but more importantly verbalize and discuss it.


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