National Geographic: The Photographs  Hardcover edition

National Geographic: The Photographs Hardcover edition

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National Geographic: The Photographs

This stunning volume was the gift book of the year when it was first published, and the images that grace its pages remain iconic. From the famous Afghan girl whose haunting green eyes stare out from the book's cover, and her poignant story that captured the world's interest, to award-winning photography culled from the Society's vast archives, The Photographs offers readers an inside look at National Geographic and a sharp-eyed view of the world.

The book showcases the skill and imagination of such notable Geographic photographers as David Doubilet, William Albert Allard, Sam Abell, Jim Stanfield, Jodi Cobb, Jim Brandenburg, David Alan Harvey, and many more. They share their techniques, as well as personal and colourful anecdotes about individual images and their adventures in the field--sometimes humorous, sometimes terrifying, always vividly compelling.

Author Leah Bendavid-Val writes about the photographers' achievements from technical, journalistic, and artistic perspectives. Five chapters cover core National Geographic themes--wildlife on land and water; cultures in the United States and around the world; and science, from astronomy to archaeology to the human senses. The photographs in each chapter capture rare moments in nature and the lives of animals, along with defining events in the lives of people everywhere.

This exquisite collection is as elegant as it is timeless.

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 366 pages 16.26 x 2.67 x 17.65 cm Hardcover

 "A Treasure & an Inspiration for a true Photo Enthusiast.The whole book is categorized into sections like Then and Now, Faraway Places, In the Wild, Underwater, The Sciences and In the USA."