Test your Business English Teacher Reproducibles

Test your Business English Teacher Reproducibles

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Test your Business English

English is the international language of business and this book will help students to learn and remember terms essential for international trade. This book is divided into 5 sections which cover a wide range of subjects; Selling, Foreign Trade, Money, Companies and Management.

Test your Business English is a valuable resource for students seeking to learn and retain the essential terms used in international trade, where English is the dominant language. This book is organized into five sections, covering a broad range of subjects related to business, including Selling, Foreign Trade, Money, Companies, and Management.

With 50 tests included, students will have ample opportunities to practice their understanding of business English. Additionally, the included answer key allows students to check their work and track their progress over time.

The knowledge gained from this book can be highly beneficial for those pursuing careers in international business, sales, or management, where a strong understanding of business English is crucial for success. Overall, Test your Business English is an excellent tool for students looking to improve their business vocabulary and comprehension.

Test your Business English contains 50 tests and an Answer Key 

 95 pages 15 x 0.5 x 23.3 cm paperback